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Sunday 14 November 2021

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Living in the Material World 24

Wednesday, November 10, 2021 7:00 pm

1. Part 1 of 5

2. Hello everyone. This is long awaited, let me tell you. My soul's mission was to teach while I was in form, and I did just that. I wrote books about past life regressions and others about E.T.'s. I gave lectures and had quite a good life that I enjoyed very much but, guess what? My soul has more assignments. There are always more assignments, friends, and speaking intimately to a group of Christ level avatars is the number one item on my list.

3. You each belong to me for the next several days, dear souls. I have come full circle from channeling the dead to channeling to the living. Like I said, I Am fortunate to have had such a remarkable life. Who am I, you may be wondering? I know that some of you already know and have been expecting me. I Am Dolores (Cannon). I'm pleased to make your acquaintance if you are unfamiliar with me and if you are already familiar, then bless you. It's time to get re-acquainted.

4. The cool thing about being able to author books is that you get to leave a lasting mark and not be out of sight, out of mind. My mission was to teach about the illusion of death and the reality of different human like forms in many different realities, as well as the illusion of time and the truth of reincarnation or what I now call the 'incarnation/dis-incarnation/incarnation circular path to wholeness.'

5. My message to you today is that everything I taught was true, but it was meant to be consumed and understood by humans, so it was rather simplistic. Even the most far out topics that I wrote about were written so that the average human mind could possibly grasp them.

6. Now that I'm home and untethered, I have an even better understanding of truth in all its complexity, not just its simplicity. Let's dive in, shall we?

7. XX Dolores

End Time: 7:24 pm



Living in the Material World 25

Thursday, November 11, 2021 5:00 am

1. Part 2 of 5

2. Channeling or becoming a portal for the unknown to become known is no easy task for a mere mortal. You kind of have to morph into something else in order to serve something else. You must melt away and become your natural essence and when finished with a session, you must snap back and deal with all the complexities of being human again. This process is going from something rigid, hardened and closed off to something that is opaque and fluid.

3. Translating communication from an entity without a body or even an entity with one, but in another dimension is a rare gift. I had it and Rick has it but this isn't something that most Christ level souls or avatars, as I like to refer to them as, will experience themselves directly. A channel is like a TV station. It is powerful enough to transmit to many and then the many rebroadcast the content in different ways.

4. The vast majority of avatars experience the unknown world and their connection to it through a deep sense of knowing. It is something they know they have now but didn't have when they were still lost in the fog or asleep at the wheel. Now, there's a bonified human for you, asleep at the wheel.

5. Once Christ matures and takes over the body or consumes it, then going asleep again is impossible. We've said that the opposite of being asleep is being awake or more accurately put, being aware. Someone who is asleep is not aware of much, if anything, but someone who is awake pays attention to all the little nuances in life, all the unspoken things, all the intricacies of this delicate web we call the earth.

6. XX Dolores

End Time: 5:25 am



Living in the Material World 26

Friday, November 12, 2021 4:30 am

1. Part 3 of 5

2. I can hear them now. "That old bat found a way to speak again, even though she's dead." That's the point. You don't die. You just continue in a different way. You become untethered. You don't have to be driven or flown anywhere. You are free to explore.

3. I communicate non-verbally now, as do all who are dis-incarnate. I don't have a physical body, but I do have an ethereal body and am visible to those on this side. I can make myself visible to those on your side if I so desired.

4. The earth is a pseudo reality. Like all pseudo realities, it exists as a strengthening tool for God to make more of itself. It is temporary and is a buy-in reality where those who experience it must buy into it by agreeing to experience it. The idea that it is a virtual reality hologram may have some credence but even that doesn't really explain it very well. The earth project is so complicated. It really can't be adequately explained as a hologram or an illusion. There's more to it, much more.

5. The term 'illusion' may help to lessen the impact of the world, if someone believes that this is all the earth is, but the problem here is finding purpose in an illusion because it would seem that there isn't any, by default. Yet every one of our projects has great purpose because God is benevolent. It doesn't do anything without purpose.

6. I hope I'm not stepping on any toes. The earth is an amazing project. I can be in New York City one minute or near my old home in Arkansas the next. Pretty amazing.

7. Whatever the earth is, however, you choose to describe it, it is a part of us and it can be a unifying experience. The emphasis is on the words "can be".

8. XX Dolores

End Time: 5:05 am



Living in the Material World 27

Saturday, November 13, 2021 2:00 am

1. Part 4 of 5

2. The fear factor and the control factor are both too high and the respect for the choices and expressions others make is too low on the earth. This makes it hard for everyone.

3. Since I've been gone, I have visited firsthand all the galactic societies that I once wrote about. Writing about them and then getting to experience them through observation has been a real highlight for me. Most didn't know I was there but believe it or not, there are some societies that are so advanced that everyone knew I was there. Yes, the veil is completely disappearing in some realities. This is what we want to happen here one day but until that happens, there is much work to do, very, very basic level work. Most people on the earth don't even know the difference between love and fear. They are stuck at like and don't like.

4. Humans are just so stubborn and so uneducated about the true principles. Everyone thinks they are right and yet they are so wrong. They aren't that different from sheep being led to the slaughterhouse.

5. I'll get off my soapbox because I know I'm preaching to the choir. My main message today is that of hope. Many galactic societies that I consider advanced or well on their way toward being truly enlightened, were once very similar in development (or lack of development) to that of the earth project. So, if they can pull it off, then so can those aspects of the One who dwell on the earth. Take it from one who knows.

6. A note to those who knew me personally, I Am alive and well. I completely immersed myself in my studies after I transitioned. Hopefully, you don't think I'm haunting you. I just returned to continue my mission and it's a big one.

7. XX Dolores

End Time: 2:21 am



Living in the Material World 28

Sunday, November 14, 2021 2:00 am

1. Part 5 of 5

2. My mission, my purpose, is to promote education, true spiritual education. In building a new world, our books can't be delegated to a small, obscure section of a bookstore or restricted to specialty bookstores. Amazon is great about recommending titles, but someone must start a search first. Our resources are there. We just need to get them into people's hands. Wouldn't it be great if true spiritual education was available on the nightly news? They tell you what happened but don't tell you why.

3. Christ is all about living the principle of love and demonstrating by example. You became a walking, talking spiritual book but you are also well versed with all the print and electronic resources that are available now and can make recommendations if asked, tailored to each individual.

4. I was and still Am just like each of you. I have a fire in my belly, a passion to keep exploring and supporting all the many changes that are not only happening here but are happening even in advanced societies. There is no end point in love. There is just more (and more and more).

5. What do I spend my time outside of time doing? Mostly just being Dolores the explorer, but now my life is entering a new phase now that I have re-connected with spiritual pioneers. I want to mentor to help support the extremely important work you all are doing.

6. Rami returns next week but you will certainly hear from me again in this forum. Life never ends. It just pauses and changes form, but the true essence of a soul remains the same.

7. XX Dolores

End Time: 2:21 am



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