Arrival Installment 5

Sunday 7 November 2021

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Living in the Material World 19

Wednesday, November 3, 2021 7:00 pm

1. Greetings, holy ones. It is I, Rami. I look forward to addressing this group each week. It's a genuine highlight for me to provide unity through relationship to a group who has lovingly responded to and allowed the impossible to finally happen. To use your popular vernacular, 'Christ is in the house'.

2. You may not have noticed but people who encounter you 'clean up their act' so to speak, when they are around you. You each bring out the best in those who are fortunate enough to experience your Divine energy. Now, how about them apples?

3. I'm not serious all the time. Like you, I enjoy finding the humor in life and the lightheartedness helps things not to be so heavy and troublesome.

4. I'm grateful to my brother, Jesus, for entrusting me with this group. I have vowed to not lead any of you astray, not that I Am capable of such a thing (smile).

5. The truth is that this is a 'who is leading whom?' type of situation. While you may look forward to reading these collections of messages each week, it is I who look to you for inspiration because it is you who works tirelessly on the front lines. I'm just the supply officer. You are each the heroes and heroines visually and realistically representing the truth. We look at you as rock stars arriving for a concert in a limousine.

6. Being in relationship with the unknown means learning about our perspectives and some of these may surprise you because we really aren't that different from you. We just don't have bodies, that's all.

7. I thank you for being in my life. I thank you for serving as Christ in such a strange and beautiful place.

8. Namaste (I bow to you),

End Time: 7:24 pm


Image: Karyn Powers
Eagle Cloud El Paso TX, 27 Aug 2019

Living in the Material World 20

Thursday, November 4, 2021 7:03 pm

1. Rami here. I quite like how language has become very informal and relaxed. 'Rami here' reflects 2021 better than "It is I, Rami" does. You can teach an old dog new tricks and trust me, I am very much an old dog. I've been around in one way or another for billions and billions of earth years.

2. Some of you would be shocked to find out how old you really are! You know about your true identity but what you don't know is when you as micro-droplet soul were first born or more accurately, first secreted. Your true self, you as soul, is millions of years old. As a human, you may feel all the aches and pains of age-related changes at 50, 60, 70 or 80 years of age but this is just a drop in the bucket compared to your real age.

3. A soul is eternal and immortal, but it does grow and mature in the time-based laboratories and of course, the earth is one of these.

4. Christ is a multi-plex movie theater, so multiply your millions of years of experience and growth by all the Christs currently incarnated and then add in the Christs who are disincarnate and you have an amazingly vast and complex Being, don't you?

5. This is the real you and the real me because you are in actuality, a 'we', and I Am actually, a 'we'. We just have individualized points of focus. Think of record players playing different records but they are all record players.

6. We are all Christ even though our points of focus can look very different, but if you look closely and really take a close look, you will see it. It's in Mary Christ and Belinda Christ and Chester Christ and Sara Christ and on and on and on, forever and ever. It's the Divine Principle. It's love. It's wisdom and it's intelligence, all wrapped up in one mysterious and glorious package.

7. Rami

End Time: 7:28 pm


Image: Karyn Powers
Eagle Cloud El Paso TX, 27 Aug 2019

Living in the Material World 21

Friday, November 5, 2021 7:11 pm

1. Rami here. During the acceleration of the deterioration, there will also be an acceleration of the accentuation. There will be more of the bad and more of the good too. The bad will help people to see the importance of creating the good and the whole.

2. There really are two different types of climate change happening on the earth. One affects Gaia and then affects the human world by default. The other kind is a warming of temperatures in the human world, causing all the anger and hostility.

3. The solution to human climate issues is to reject fear and embrace love. This is what Christ demonstrates. Christ is being supported through acceleration of the support available to willing hearts and minds. Christ accentuates the human world and the natural world, while building its own new world, all at the same time.

4. Our focus is on Christ and the construction of the new world, the new earth. This is the Kingdom of God. It's God's Kingdom because only God is in it. There is no resistance to God in the Kingdom. There is only accentuation through individualization within the whole.

5. Christ is creating a home for God because the human world left little room for her. She was excluded and unwelcome. It is taking all of us together to weave a new tapestry.

6. Have you heard stories about various pioneers and how hard their lives were? This is the same with all the Christ Offices currently. Your lives are often very demanding because there is only a small group doing the work. Like other pioneers, you have felt the weight of the world's burdens on your backs.

7. I will speak tomorrow about Christ self-care during these turbulent times.

8. Rami

End Time: 7:40 pm


Image: Karyn Powers
Eagle Cloud El Paso TX, 27 Aug 2019

Living in the Material World 22

Saturday, November 6, 2021 7:00 pm

1. Rami here. Tonight, let's talk about Christ Self Care 101. You already know about health and nutrition for the body, but what about Christ? What does it need in terms of maintenance? It is the primary operating system of the body now. It is you. What do you need as Christ?

2. The first thing that you have needed is nurturing and support. You were nurtured for many years, mainly by spiritual teaching literature, such as A Course in Miracles. When your soul matured and was ready to take over control from the ego, then you needed to be supported in that because you wouldn't find any support for Christ in the human world. That's certainly true. A Journey into the Unknown took you from the nurtured mature soul phase to a fully emerged Christ aspect. You then developed relationships with many in the unseen world as your internship and residency. Now, you have graduated and opened your own offices, so to speak. We are continuing our support now with Arrival: Living in the Material World.

3. This is what we are doing collectively to support our Self, the one Christ, but what can an individual aspect of Christ do to care for itself? There are several things. First, find a way, no matter how busy you may be, to simply disconnect and turn it all off. Turn off the noise, the distractions and the insane nonsense. Do this as often as you can, on a regular basis. Jesus has suggested a return to keeping some type of Sabbath and Mother Mary has concurred. Seriously consider mini-sabbaths throughout the week because let's face it, living in the material world is quite draining.

4. In addition to a weekly sabbath, mini-sabbaths, meditation and communion time, the most crucial thing is to practice the holy instant. When you 'light up' and join with us, your light, the light of Christ permeates through every pore of the body. This is the most important part of Christ Self Care 101.

5. Rami

End Time: 7:24 pm


Image: Karyn Powers
Eagle Cloud El Paso TX, 27 Aug 2019

Living in the Material World 23

Sunday, November 7, 2021 3:30 am

1. In Conversation
Mother Mary & Rami

2. Mother Mary: "Let's focus on gratitude today, shall we?"

3. Rami: "When we look at Christ today in 2021, it is such a large and widespread entity than when you were on the earth. The supports are in place and the new earth is being built. How do you feel about what is transpiring, Mother Mary?"

4. Mother Mary: "Jesus, St. Germain and I have all worked tirelessly on birthing Christ in the modern age and it really happened. Christ is spreading its wings across the globe. I have tears of joy and my heart is full of gratitude for all the Christ pioneers who were not only willing to listen but to practice and apply. I am grateful to you, Rami, for taking control of this next phase, which is expansion. Our skyscraper is getting taller, and our offices are more plentiful."

5. Rami: "I Am grateful to be the new project manager for the expansion phases. The foundation was already built, and it is good and solid."

6. Mother Mary: "The 'Christ Self Care 101" is so important, Rami. Thank you for emphasizing it this week. To all our wonderful Christ aspects who are reading, bless you each. We couldn't be prouder of who you have become. To quote Rami, 'Christ is in the house.'

7. Love and blessings always,
Mother Mary & Rami

End Time: 3:51 am


Image: Autumn Skye Art
Holy Grail

Image: Karyn Powers
Eagle Cloud El Paso TX, 27 Aug 2019

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