Discover Arrival: Exploring Arrival

Discover Arrival enables you to explore in-depth occurrences of words and phrases in the context of their appearance within the text, yielding deeper and fuller meaning to your reading and understanding of the message of Arrival.

Discover Arrival allows you to search the text in Arrival for a word or phrase.

Search for Word or Phrase in Arrival:

The search result lists all instances of the word or phrase in Arrival. Each instance includes the context in which the word or phrase is used and a link to the full paragraph. The chapter heading is provided along with the page number where the chapter starts in the printed book. From the full paragraph you can also view previous and next paragraphs in the same chapter.

Detailed instructions on how to refine your search are provided in the Search Guidelines; along with many insights and examples that enable you to make the most of Discover Arrival.

Check out the Chapter Titles to see the list of each chapter in Arrival. Click on a chapter reference to see the first paragraph in the chapter as though you had performed a search.