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Sunday 21 November 2021

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Living in the Material World 29

Tuesday, November 16, 2021 7:00 pm

1. Rami here. I couldn't stand being away from my human charges for a whole week, so this week, we will have 6 communications instead of 5. I know that readers enjoyed hearing from Dolores. She is such an asset to the team. You may wonder why we present so many channeled souls in our work and this is because these souls are different parts of God, who is so vast and so varied. There are no two souls that are alike. To get to deeply know the essence of a soul or many souls is to begin to deeply know the diversity of God.

2. It is so crazy to think that the God who created such a wildly diverse natural world expects humans to walk in lock steps of conformity. It isn't God who seeks this. It is men who seek to control and dominate one another because power and strength are worshipped here in this upside down, topsy turvy, twisted "reality".

3. Even people with various problems or people with difficult histories or bad reputations are part of God too. There are reasons why they did what they did. They need understanding and acceptance, not judgement and rejection.

4. Does it surprise you that the Jesus who embraced Mary Magdalene would also love and respect all the souls who appear in "Beyond the Veil" or "Proverbs for a New Age"? It shouldn't. Radical love or perfect love embraces everyone, no matter what.

5. Jesus' name is tossed around so much but few know Jesus or even know what Christ is. This is what we seek to change, not by corrected narratives but by new versions of Jesus and Mary, living the same Christed life, all over God's kingdom.

6. Rami

End Time: 7:26 pm


Image: Karyn Powers
Eagle Cloud El Paso TX, 27 Aug 2019

Living in the Material World 30

Wednesday, November 17, 2021 7:05 pm

1. Rami here. One could argue that an ego is a type of sickness and Christ is the medicinal cure for it. Even a healthy ego is quite off kilter. What about criminal egos or mentally ill egos? They are splashed across the nightly news as abnormalities but are they really that abnormal? People who strictly live according to the perceptions and dictates of the ego are finding it harder and harder to do so, because the ego's wiring has gone haywire. It's as if the programming has been hacked by a virus.

2. We've said this before, but the virus is Christ. Christ awareness and Christ consciousness have been in the earth's radar for far longer than Christ manifestation has and if someone were to do their research, they could trace this virus that I speak of back to the arrival of small bits of sanity to the landscape.

3. Because Christ manifestation is so extremely powerful and potent, anything that is not compatible with it will feel threatened and not be able to function. Fully incarnated Christ is not diluted. It's like the world's most expensive perfume or 100 proof alcohol. It's the real deal and its presence is causing problems for those who don't know what it is or where it is coming from. This is causing a type of panic that we have never seen before and it's all your fault, Christ offices. The funny thing is that no one knows who any of you are. They don't know that God is walking amongst them.

4. Jesus caused trouble when he spoke the truth, but he received unwanted attention long before he started to teach. There was something about him that was irritating the local egos, something they found threatening. So now, history is repeating itself, but the threat is bigger, more widespread, and more clandestine.

5. Rami

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Image: Karyn Powers
Eagle Cloud El Paso TX, 27 Aug 2019

Living in the Material World 31

Thursday, November 18, 2021 7:20 pm

1. Rami here. Let's delve into the situation a little more. There is an invisible, soundless substance on the earth now, that was not here before. It is like an odorless gas, and it is making individuals and groups lose what marbles they may have had at one time. They are going crazy, both literally and figuratively. The natural operating system, the ego, has been threatened. By what? By Christ, because the ego knows that something is here to put it out of a job. How can a thing, a system of thought, feel anything? The answer is that the ego, as primitive as it is, is the very first example of A.I. (artificial intelligence). It can be likened to a computer operating system that believes that it itself is real. It is and always has been wrong on that count, but it is right about its perception that there is something new on the earth, something it dislikes and even hates. This is you. This is Christ, but the ego does not know this yet. I say yet because it will find out and it will organize and mobilize to deter this threat.

2. The ego only knows the outright lies and distortions it has been taught and teaches about Jesus Christ. For those who believe these falsehoods, the idea that the Second Coming is already happening, and that Jesus will not be coming out of the sky to solve everyone's problems, is pure blasphemy. The fact that the ego is not mentioned in these false teachings is most interesting, don't you think?

3. We have been monitoring events since we have had a small, even tiny, group of pioneers who would admit and commit to their own Christhood, their own divinity and connection to God. The connection between the increase in insanity, as a direct relation to the increase in sanity, is undeniable.

4. Rami

End Time: 7:50 pm


Image: Karyn Powers
Eagle Cloud El Paso TX, 27 Aug 2019

Living in the Material World 32

Friday, November 19, 2021 6:40 pm

1. Rami here. Much of what I have said has already been expressed in very similar ways by Jesus and many others in A Journey into the Unknown. I'm just adding a little realism and perspective here. If you were to rate the general craziness in the world on a ten-point scale, most would rate it a 7.5 right now at this moment in time. Expect it to rise into the 8's and then the 9's and then finally be off the scale, past number 10, all while Christ is being happy go lucky, blessing and creating by giving love to love.

2. This is how we build God's Kingdom, our new world, while the old one combusts. We simply hold the energy. We hold it so that the new web can be tightly woven. This is all we need to do.

3. I have previously stated that doing this is anything but easy and one reason is because what you will see transpire in the House of Illusion will be upsetting and even traumatizing. Simply bless, trust, and move on. Do not bring upsetting imagery with you into your day. Being empathetic is wonderful but it can also be harmful to the empath. By now, everyone who is reading has had plenty of practice with this, due to the many examples of horror in the world over the past several years and even longer.

4. Everything is in place now. The foundation for God's Kingdom, the House of Truth, is poured. Now we are ready for building and expanding.

5. Your tasks are to stay clear and keep your true identity front and center. Remember that your small, earthly identity is just that, a small earthly identity.

6. Rami

End Time: 7:02 pm


Image: Karyn Powers
Eagle Cloud El Paso TX, 27 Aug 2019

Living in the Material World 33

Saturday, November 20, 2021 5:48 am

1. Rami here. This is the news behind the news. Crazy times are because of the presence of Christ, something that virtually no one knows about, knows where it is or how it works. It is considered the hidden enemy within. Of course, this is ridiculous. Christ is no one's enemy and yet this is the fearful interpretation of something that cannot be identified. Humans have already falsely defined what Christ is, so in their minds, it can't be Christ that is the problem. Interesting dilemma, right?

2. This will carry on and will intensify over time. The social norms that have already deteriorated will continue to do so until there is no turning back. Meanwhile, Christ will grow and strengthen collectively. You will each continue to interact with the human world for a wide variety of reasons but remember to keep your perspective. Only love.

3. Your ability to love will be tested. Christ will be asked a series of questions. "Can you love this?" "What about this?" "Now, how about this situation?" The answer will always be a resounding, "yes, of course!" Remember this and all the tests will be easy-peasy. Just don't get pulled into the dramas. They will grasp anyone in their path, in order to widen and grow stronger. Just deny them this opportunity. You, as Christ, must keep your non-reactive, neutral perspective always. This is top priority. It will protect you, dear ones.

4. Until tomorrow. I have a treat for each of you.

5. Rami

End Time: 6:10 am


Image: Karyn Powers
Eagle Cloud El Paso TX, 27 Aug 2019

Living in the Material World 34

Sunday, November 21, 2021 3:10 am

1. Portrait: Helen (Schucman)

2. Greetings on this fine day. The goal in A Course in Miracle's was to promote inner peace by finding ways wherever possible to disempower the world's effects on a practitioner of the daily lessons. We are now referring to this as Christ Awareness. This leads to Christ Consciousness which then expands to full Christ Manifestation. Here we are, ladies and gentlemen. We are at the end of the growth of your true selves and the beginning of its expansion into the creation of a new world.

3. I liked Rami's comments this week that talked about Christ being energy that can be perceived by those around you, either in positive or negative ways. We did not equate the True Self as energy and yet it very much is. The 500-piece puzzle has turned into a gigantic 1,500-piece puzzle and it's a puzzle with very small pieces that are extremely challenging to work with. No wonder it takes so long to put it all together.

4. My note to you today will be a short one. I'm like the elementary school teacher watching her students working in their fields of expertise after graduating from college. I'm glad to have been part of this journey. Now that Christ has arrived, life can use each of you in the mysterious ways it unfolds.

5. Blessings from the sidelines.

6. Love, Helen, your sister in Christ

End Time: 3:38 am


Image: Foundation for Inner Peace Archives

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