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Sunday 1 May 2022

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The Flowering of Christ 26

Wednesday, April 27, 2022 5:00 am

1. Breathe in. Breathe out. Breathe in. Breathe out. Fully and deeply each time. Now swipe the darkness away. Allow the radiating brilliance of your own light to consume your form. This is what Christ is, a Light Being. Do this throughout each day. This is your new reality, which is the full awareness of your own Divinity. It isn't something you just read about anymore. It isn't something you just wonder about. It is your reality now. Know this deeply and firmly and when you forget, just swipe the fog away to reveal what lies beneath.

2. If you want to select just a single paragraph from this series to tape to your refrigerator's door, then the first paragraph of 26 would be the perfect summary of the entire series. This is what we seek greater understanding about as we work together. How can the Divine live and work in a place that is often anything but Divine?

3. We must pause periodically to check the engine and make sure the car is in good working order. Now, I have some things to share with you. This will fall under the category of full disclosure. Christ cannot be anything other than completely open and honest.

4. The purpose of this series and its predecessors is to assist the souls of God to take over more and more of the body's natural operating system. The movement is into full maturity and then complete consumption. This pains me to say this but there have been very few egos who would allow this process. This makes sense on one hand, as egos are all about self-preservation, but on the other hand, it is disheartening.

5. We will continue this discussion tomorrow.
Love, Mother Mary

End Time: 5:24 am


The Flowering of Christ 27

Thursday, April 28, 2022 4:40 am

1. The group of pioneers that we have gathered have been willing to move away from the dogma of textbooks and just start living the new way. We have provided guidance, inspiration, and support, but there are no step-by-step instruction manuals. It's all on-the-job training.

2. Expect the unexpected is our motto. Christ is scattered and many aspects have not met other aspects. The energy level of the collective is pristine. There are those who have gathered that are from diverse backgrounds of study and each of these has its own way of communicating back and forth with the unseen aspects of the Divine. Some do not use the term, Christ, although this group does.

3. Each group has had support from their own souls and from spirit guides. The one thing everyone in this group has in common is their willingness to explore, to just keep going with something that may have started years or even decades ago with just a seed, just a simple desire to read a book they felt drawn to or to form a friendship with someone who would play a pivotal role in their spiritual life.

4. The Christ offices or the Christ collective is a tiny part of a tiny collective. They have had access to very detailed and laid-out communications to help bolster their own knowledge about their own true identity. This group includes everyone reading this, whether it is by email or through a posting on a website. You and your cohorts are at the top of a pyramid.

5. This pyramid is an energy formation. We have spoken before of the fact that there is something on the earth now that wasn't here before. This is the Pyramid of Light, and you are each one its crown jewel.

End Time: 5:10 am


The Flowering of Christ 28

Friday, April 29, 2022 4:45 am

1. The Pyramid of Light is as much your identity as Christ is. Christ is part of a cadre of souls who are both in form and out of form. When one singular Christ blesses someone or requests a miracle, all energy from the pyramid is directed to that person or situation, so it is very much a package deal. This journey has not just been about your own soul's energy but about its collective power when combined with other souls. This is the power of God.

2. God's energy cannot be misused. It only blesses. It only enhances. It is not concerned with characters and personalities, as much as it is with souls. It seeks to promote the growth of itself in others through their forms and situations. Although the characters all think of themselves as real, God sees the only things about them that truly are real, which are their souls, and their own connection to the eternal.

3. The Pyramid of Light now lives in a place that had been without God for much of its existence. Jesus and I practiced Christ manifestation, as have a few others throughout history but we were not part of the Pyramid of Light because we were solo practitioners or prototypes.

4. This has always been the goal. We've never wanted the earth project to dissolve and to be seen as worthless. Rather, we have wanted it to reflect truth instead of illusion, which simply means that fully realized God is here now. Nothing could be more valuable and precious.

5. We've always related the message that you are not who you think you are. Now the message is expanding. You are not who you think you are and what you are is so vastly complex that you could never fathom it. Christ is a network.

End Time: 5:11 am


The Flowering of Christ 29

Saturday, April 30, 2022 6:01 am

1. While we eagerly await the day that everyone allows their ideas about themselves to dissolve so that the Christ network can consume and include them too, we accept that there are many on the spiritual path who cannot or simply will not. Therefore, the Divine pyramid formation is functionally complete for now. New souls may join at any time and offer their energy while receiving vastly more in return.

2. You might be asking, 'what?' at this point. Christ or God in man is a network. If you were to see the network visually, there would be a foundational base topped with smaller layers, much like a pyramid. The Christ offices, the group we have been working so hard with for the past more than two years is at the top. If the configuration were a Being (and it is), the Christ Collective would be the eyes, ears, and voice. The prototype holy trinity in form, myself, St. Germain, and Jesus comprise the organizational and logistical part of the Christ mind, which leads all parts of this new Being on the earth.

3. Space and time do not exist within this being, although we are subject to them externally. Do you remember us using the phrase 'The eagle has landed' during the Spring of 2021? We let the readers sleep with that phrase, but now I'm here to tell you that it was a double entendre. It meant that Christ had been reborn in the populous and it also meant that a new Being had been born on the earth. This pyramid-shaped network is known as the Christ Mind 2.0. It is the extension of the Christ Mind as a human and non-human collective. It is a functional community that is both physical and non-physical. It moves, is dynamic, and is powerfully alive.

End Time: 6:30 am


The Flowering of Christ 30

Saturday, April 30, 2022 3:30 pm

1. To review, Christ came in the form of original prototypes over 2,000 years ago. Christ was reborn in multiple human forms in 2021 and now has become a brand-new physical/non-physical collective of the Christ Mind 2.0. It is a new type of Being, singular in purpose, yet a multiplicity that can function independently of other parts. It has never been seen before on any WorldScape. Imagine a species that has parts that can stretch and function in completely different ways and yet they are never severed from the whole. In fact, everything they do benefits the whole of their collective Self. The word 'Self' now means both individual and collective. It is inclusive and not separate and exclusive.

2. I tell you about these things for a variety of reasons. It has seemed like we were focused exclusively on your development as Christ, but simultaneously, we have been focused on the birth of the new Christ Mind collective 2.0. As I've already stated, the Christ offices are our troops on the ground.

3. This may be difficult for some of you to hear but the reality of the earth project is that it has been 99.99% ego energy. Pure God energy or source energy has not been strong enough here to make much of a difference. This is why you have seen such horrific events here throughout history. There just wasn't enough love to counter the effects of so much fear.

4. 'Ok, so now what, you may ask?' Let's agree to use the term 'House of Truth' for our newly minted network. You may have heard of this before or read about it, but now you know that it isn't a place. It's a Being, a living, breathing mechanism of God.

End Time: 3:55 pm


The Flowering of Christ 31

Sunday, May 1, 2022 6:00 am

1. Christ 2.0 has friends in high places and is a friend in a high place. We are all part of this new incredible Being. God is finally here in a unique way. We will talk more about the ramifications of this in the upcoming weeks. I just wanted to cue you in on what has been happening behind the scenes. As there are new developments, I will share them with you.

2. While it will be easy to be dismayed at the political unrest and violence you see on the surface, know that a new earth and a new world order are being built on love and compassion. You are each a party to this, which should make your hearts glad.

3. We have entered a new season where there may be an increase in messaging. Stay tuned so I can reach you in a timely fashion. You and I think alike and work together as part of the same unit. It will be important that we always be on the same page.

4. Now you know that your Christ office is part of a bigger entity, God herself! Pretty amazing, don't you think? The House of Truth is comprised of fully realized aspects of God who now will help other aspects of God still in the House of Illusion, simply by being and doing. Christ 2.0 is the House of Truth.

5. I know this sounds very much like a science fiction novel and yet it is so unique that it falls in the category of 'You can't make this stuff up.' We will end this week with some humor. We will return to topic discussion next week. Your TV shows sometimes have 'Hot Topics' discussions, but ours are very different, don't you think?

6. We will talk soon.
Love, Mother Mary

End Time: 6:25 am

Image: Christina Strutt
Duad of Flowering Hibiscus, 20 Jan 2022

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