Arrival Installment 29

Sunday 8 May 2022

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The Flowering of Christ 32

Tuesday, May 3, 2022 5:35 pm

1. Rejoice my flowers. We have arrived as an intact unit. What have we found before us, but a world in turmoil? The anger and conflict are palatable. Let us pray.

2. 'How can we serve you, Divine One? What will you have us do today?'

3. Our ways are not the ways of men because we are not wholly human. We wear the human mask but love deeper than any human has the capacity for. We see things as God sees them because the great One Herself looks through our eyes. We bless our brothers and sisters in illusion because they do not know, and they do not understand as we do. May the gift of understanding be bestowed upon our companions in this great mystery, as it unfolds.

4. Here is our first question/topic for this week.

5. 'Should Christ participate in the world through elections? It seems like a popularity contest most of the time.'

6. Dear hearts, if you have been engaged in this civic exercise in the past, please consider continuing to do so as Christ, but with a twist. Instead of voting for a candidate based on party or policies, try this. Ask the Christ Mind which candidate has a soul who wants the job based on meeting their soul's objectives, which always involve giving more love. Many, if not most involved in politics are heavily involved with their own egos. Therefore, the fear quota is quite high. Inquire which one should receive your vote with these criteria. Inquire which one should not receive your vote because doing so would work against their soul's objectives. You may not have heard this before. Let's start a new trend and vote for souls, not egos.

End Time: 5:54 am


The Flowering of Christ 33

Wednesday, May 4, 2022 5:07 am

1. Our next question has been a highly charged issue for many decades.

2. 'Mother Mary, what is the spiritual context behind abortion?'

3. My dear ones, let's look at the truth instead of the harsh rhetoric. The plain truth is that there have been countless women throughout history who have terminated a pregnancy and this difficult decision was made from a place of love.

4. Likewise, there have been many women throughout history who have allowed their pregnancies to continue, and who have made these decisions out of fear.

5. The ego wants to demonize others for their choices, without having any understanding whatsoever about what is in their hearts.

6. Christ loves and supports everyone. Period. Like I've said many times before, we do not shy away from the difficult topics around these parts. In fact, we welcome them.

7. The next question ties in perfectly well with the first one from today.

8. 'Mother Mary, I try to practice neutrality, but I oftentimes feel pulled in one direction or another. When this happens, I feel myself getting charged up over various issues. How can I tame this beast?

9. It's interesting, but it's the miracle of the blessing that helps with this over time. When Christ blesses the anti-abortion protesters, love helps you to see their point of view. When Christ blesses the pro-choice protesters, love helps you to see their point of view and when you see all points of view, voila, you are at the precious point of neutrality.

10. Until tomorrow.

End Time: 5:30 am


The Flowering of Christ 34

Thursday, May 5, 2022 5:10 am

1. Next question.

2. 'How can Christ show support for others?'

3. Because Christ is so vastly different from the ego, many things it does are quite different from what the ego might do. Christ is a power source, and the ego is not. The ego seeks unity with other egos and has sometimes found great success in the temporary alleviation of temporary problems.

4. Christ always seeks ultimate success for the only true problem that there is, which is the perception of the separation. A blessing from Christ may be likened to winning the lottery. I'm not exaggerating here. Your blessings are that powerful.

5. While Christ may join in and do all the things there are to do, it is the being Christ aspect that carries the big stick.

6. Here is a question that keeps popping up. The amount of questions keeps getting larger, especially because we didn't answer any last week, due to the news I wanted to share with you. This question is being asked by many and it is as follows.

7. 'Mother Mary, I Am feeling more and more comfortable with my identity as Christ, but it has taken time and has been uncomfortable along the way. I'm just wondering how the world has gotten everything about Christ so wrong all these years?'

8. My lovelies, would you want the truth to get out if you knew it would land you at the local unemployment office? The ego is the first example of A.I. (artificial intelligence). It exceeded our wildest expectations on one hand and has been a formidable foe on the other.

9. Until tomorrow.
With the greatest love there is.
Mother Mary

End Time: 5:33 am


The Flowering of Christ 35

Friday, May 6, 2022 6:00 am

1. 'Mother Mary, it is the urgency of these times that have helped me to accept my identity as Christ. Something good has come out of something bad.'

2. "I agree wholeheartedly. The intensity in the collective can certainly have this result. Like Helen said, 'There has to be a better way.'"

3. 'Mother Mary, I like the idea of leaving this world while you're still in it. I like the idea of not participating in conflict and actively being an example of love incarnate. These aren't questions. Just comments.'

4. "Wonderful. One day, you will be in the majority, believe it or not."

5. 'Mother Mary, going back to the question about elections, how do I know how to vote about various issues?'

6. "If certain ones don't bring up a clear vision, feel free to skip that question. In general, following your heart will entail moving away from restrictions and toward more openness, toward things that will be good for everyone. I hope this helps.

7. Finally, for today, we have this question/topic."

8. 'Mother Mary, I had a difficult childhood that included sexual abuse from my father and uncle. I feel like I have done a lot of soul searching to come to a place of acceptance over many, many years. The men died a long time ago, but I eventually forgave them as shadow figures. I have forgiven my mother for looking the other way and I have forgiven myself for blaming myself for what happened. Despite all of this, I am still, to this day, triggered when this topic comes up. Is there anything I can do to lessen this?'

(Continued in the next message)

End Time: 6:26 am


The Flowering of Christ 36

Saturday, May 7, 2022 6:45 am

1. You are to be commended for your bravery. Not only did you survive this physical and mental torture, but now you have come out on the other side and are living life as it was meant to be lived, as Christ. An infinitesimally small amount of the populous have these experiences and can live productive happy lives. The dark clouds of shame hang in the balance, year after year, for so many, even after the death of perpetrators, as in your case.

2. The forgiveness work that you have done is essential in creating space and distance from the memories. The best that can be hoped for is that the memories themselves become neutralized and accepted as part of your experience here. They made you who you are, even though they were unwelcome, unwarranted, unloving, and unjust. Acceptance of the situation as it unfolded is the most difficult part of not just surviving but thriving from sexual abuse trauma. The primary reason for this is that it is in fact true that this should not have happened. It would have been better if it hadn't. This is absolutely true. It tore you to pieces instead of being something wholesome and enriching, which is what children need during their formative years. This said we can't turn back the clock and change anything.

3. Let the feelings come and go as they will. Know that this situation does not in any way, shape, or form reflect on you. Know that you did nothing wrong. Know that you did not deserve to be treated badly. Know that children do not attract bad experiences. Know that your protectors failed to protect you and that you were dealt a very devastating hand. Know that you are now Christ and that these experiences are part and parcel of the entire entity that is you. Know that abuse is not love, but that you are love, and you are loved.

4. My heart is with you, my child. You know who you are.

End Time: 9:12 am


The Flowering of Christ 37

Sunday, May 8, 2022 4:33 am

1. And now let's turn the tables. Equity is a big concept in the collective, so let's balance out the questioning, so I can be the one asking.

  1. What gets you up and going each morning?
  2. What is difficult for you as Christ?
  3. What things have gotten easier, if only slightly?
  4. What do you envision your future Christ Self to be like?
  5. Has there been a downside to being Christ? If so, what is it?

2. As you have noticed, there has been a wealth of new material these past two Sundays, especially. There are also offerings from earlier in the series that are well worth re-investigating. We will go on a brief hiatus and will return in the Fall of 2022. Keep your questions coming and we will hit the ground running when we restart. This is how creation works. Work, rest, work, rest. Let's recharge our batteries, so we can be fresh and charged up in the Fall. Who knows what kind of a world we will be living in, in just a few short months?

3. Until then, keep the faith and keep love as your focus.

4. Love equals power.
Mother Mary

End Time: 4:54 am

Image: Christina Strutt
Duad of Flowering Hibiscus, 20 Jan 2022

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