Arrival Installment 25

Sunday 10 April 2022

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The Flowering of Christ 20

Wednesday, April 6, 2022 4:30 am

1. We end only to begin again. Time tricks us into believing that we start and stop when in reality, our work together is a continuum of communion and practice, practice and communion. It is a never-ending circle and a beautiful one at that.

2. Greetings my butterflies. We begin a new rotation on the circle today. Let's delve into our ever-growing list of questions and topics, but before we do, thank you for your honesty in last week's self-reflection. I see that one great thing that everyone has in common is a dedication to the craft of allowing your Christ Self to be you in all ways, with no secret doorways into private space, protected from view. Many are in full disclosure, full openness mode, which is how Christ can be at its most magnificent.

3. Question one concerns racism, one of the world's major concerns

4. 'How can Christ combat one of the world's biggest and oldest issues, which is that of racism?

5. Much has been written about this topic from many different perspectives, but little has been written from the perspective of a living Christ. Bias against members of the human family based on physical characteristics is based on fear and judgment of the other. Many human lifetimes have been blocked by thrown stones of unworthiness that are often bought into and believed by those who are hit with them. Racism is a major block in the physical world that has made the journey from fear to love even harder and more prolonged.

6. Christ sees itself everywhere it looks and everywhere it goes. This type of vision does not see others as less than and 'other', but the same as. God is in all. God is Black. God is Asian. God is Latin. There is nowhere God isn't and when we honor God, we acknowledge this.

7. Love, Mother Mary, the mother of all races.

End Time: 4:59 am


The Flowering of Christ 21

Sunday, April 10, 2022 4:00 am

1. Let us begin. My first question is somewhat complicated. Let's take a look at it through the eyes of Christ.

2. 'The Bible teaches that God created two sexes for the human body and A Course in Miracles teaches that we created our own bodies as a symbol of separation. Which one is it?'

3. There is truth in both simplified concepts, but let's go further by adding details. The body is a requirement here. It is a ticket for admission into a show that could last for a few minutes or for 100 years. Much went into the creation of the human body pre and post evolution. It had to be able to reproduce, thus sexes were needed.

4. In our newer version or idea of God, we know that God or source energy cannot be separated from the body. It is in fact activating all bodies of all types. Now, let's add another question and another layer.

5. 'Mother Mary, the idea of being transgender is a big topic these days. Many feel like God assigned a particular body to you and you must conform and not disrespect God or the body by altering it in any way.'

6. Let's talk about this on two levels. At the soul level, which is God, we teach acceptance of what is. While most are comfortable in their assigned bodies, some are not. It isn't usually the body itself that is the problem. The ideas surrounding male and female bodies, which were entirely made up by men, are based on perceptions and generalizations. The soul accepts what is but questions everything in the human world of ideas. Which ideas are limiting? Which ideas are freeing? The soul seeks to express itself freely. It may want to wear nail polish and a dress on its male body, even though this may greatly disturb some in the community.

7. Being gender fluid or gender non-conforming is a concept that is congruent with the purpose of some souls, none of which have a gender.

8. The situation gets more complicated because humans have a strong need to belong. The character may seek to change the body itself through medical procedures. The soul never seeks out any experience that would entail physical pain or financial hardship. Still, it realizes that some characters are intent on fixing their perceived problem and will go further than just being gender non-conforming. The soul accepts this and deals with the cards it is dealt. The goal of course is always to give unconditional love and acceptance through whatever choices the character may make. Love from the soul or God is always directed toward the character first.

9. Long story short, you are part of God and God loves you no matter what you look like, what you call yourself, or what you do. Everyone is loved because that is what they are, love incarnate. Love is creative and expressive in very individualized ways. This is the truth. Any narrative that says that a transgendered person is to be feared and judged is not coming from the Divine but is from the ego instead.

10. Have a beautiful day and week ahead, Christ offices.

11. Love, Mother Mary

End Time: 4:36 am

Image: Christina Strutt
Duad of Flowering Hibiscus, 20 Jan 2022

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