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Sunday 1 January 2023

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Departure — The Mystery of God 1
January: What is Mastery?

Sunday, January 1, 2023 5:35 am

1. Hello, my lovelies. Today, on this very first day of the brand-new year 2023, let's begin a new series that is dedicated to the subject of mastery. I have quite a lot to say regarding what it is and what it isn't. Here is our itinerary/syllabus for the year.

2. Departure: The Mystery of God
January: What is Mastery?
February: Who and What is God?
March: What Has God Done in My Life Thus Far?
April: What Does God Want to do in my Life?
May: The Fusion of Love into a Character
June: The Sky's the Limit
July: Forgetting the Old Parameters
August: Shifting into New Identity
September: Shifting into New Purpose
October: Microcosm of God
November: Full Circle
December: Who and What is God Part Two

3. Mastery is not part of the human curriculum on earth. The curriculum is strictly to inspire characters to open the door to learning more about the soul and to keep the door open during all the turbulence of life. It is the soul that does all the work. The characters are just doormen. They do not become masters who sit with their legs folded and announce to the world that they are spiritual masters. It is the soul or more specifically, God, who becomes the spiritual master of Alice Smith, who may have been quite a difficult project over many years. This topic is another one that has been misunderstood. The character is free to call itself a baking master or one who has a master's degree in something, but regarding the discovery of its true identity and nature, it is solely the handiwork of God, not the doorkeeper. The character has had great power here in keeping the door to the true master's growth slammed shut. History has proven this. All we want for characters is for them to stop resisting their own master, finding happiness and fulfillment in the process. This is the curriculum that leads to some degree of mastery for the soul. We've referred to this as Christ Awareness and then an increased amount, Christ Consciousness and then a larger amount, Christ Manifestation. Again, Christ, or God in man, God in woman, is the master. I don't want anyone to wrongly think that Mother Mary is advocating for them to become spiritual masters on top of all the demands of modern-day life. This couldn't be further from the truth. I just want everyone to continue their journey by keeping the door open. Mastery is in the purview of God, not man.

4. Let me leave you with these questions. How has God mastered you throughout the various stages of you? How much mastery does God have over you? This will give you food for the art of thought until we meet again in February.

5. Remember, only love and as Jesus has just suggested, more love, please.
Love, Mother Mary

End Time: 6:20 am

Image: Christina Strutt
Chroma, Westford MA, 4 Dec 2022

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