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Sunday 14 August 2022

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The Flowering of Christ — Resurrection 4

Sunday, August 14, 2022 6:15 am

1. Greetings my flowers! It is my greatest joy to be with you on this fine day, this appointed time for the gathering of the tribe. I have a perfect question, to begin with.

2. 'Mother Mary, we follow Biblical teachings of Christ to love and not judge. Yet the term 'Christian' has been laden with meaning, some of it negative. What should we call ourselves?'

3. Good question! I will add that the term 'spiritual' means different things to different individuals. How about plain old 'love'? We are love incarnate. There is no group conformity or mindset. There is no leader. There is only the individual expression of love and the freedom it brings. Ponder this for a bit and if the shoe fits (and I think it will), wear it! (smile).

4. Next question.

5. 'Mother Mary, I think all of this is rather bizarre. You lived more than two thousand years ago. You want us to believe that it is you who is communicating with us. Why now? What took you so long and not only you but all the ancient ones we've heard from?'

6. Another great and very valid question. You mentioned the concept of two thousand years as if:
       A. Time is a reality for all beings
and B. There is an implied question about death being real.

7. I will acknowledge that the two thousand plus years did in fact pass by in this alternative reality but many of us were not affected by it. Secondly, we are all spirits and never die. We are immortal. Thirdly, because the earth project of growing more soul, more of God, is an alternative or pseudo-reality. And we needed to 'wait' until there was technology available to do what has happened during the pandemic era writings, which is to demonstrate unity and a living relationship between states of being, mortal and immortal. Which is a real-time living conversation, not a book type of time capsule. This has required the willingness of Rick, Christina, and her team, as well as a group of pioneers (you) to be a part of this conversation and relationship. This apparatus had never existed before, so we had to 'wait' until it was available for us to utilize. Ponder this, using the strategic art of thought, and I hope you will understand the literal and implied meaning of everything I have said.

8. We are breaking the mold, which is why there has been so much rejection of the pandemic era writings. None of it fits into neat little boxes for minds that require neat little boxes. And frankly, many are not willing to enter into a real relationship with the unseen. It is much safer and more comfortable for them to think of unity as a kumbaya type of thing, where everyone joins hands and sings around a campfire. That is absolutely not what we are doing, end of story.

9. This brings me to Mary Magdalene, because this group of the rejected is a Mary Magdalene group if there ever was one. She embodies the whole 'ugly child we don't speak of' type of rejection. Don't be surprised to hear from her again sometime soon.

10. Here's the final question for today.

11. 'Mother Mary, there is this belief floating around that certain ones signed a contract before incarnating here, agreeing to be 'bad' and create conflict and division for some higher purpose. What do you have to say about this?'

12. Only one thing, God is love and only wants its members to love. Anything and everything else is ego. Enough said.

13. Today was fun. Thank you and bless each and every one of you!
Love, Mother Mary

End Time: 6:58 am


Image: Christina Strutt
Stargazer Lily, 8 Jun 2022

Secrets of Christ 5

Sunday, August 14, 2022 7:00 am

1. As presented by Mary Magdalene.

2. The fifth secret of Christ is that it is strongest in those the ego casts out as unworthy.

End Time: 7:01 am

Image: Christina Strutt
Blue Dragon Fire, 15 Jul 2022

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