Arrival Installment 22

Sunday 20 March 2022

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The Flowering of Christ 12

Wednesday, March 16, 2022 4:02 am

1. Good day, my sweets. We gather as one because we are one. We are all part of the totality of all, the achieved and the still developing. We are Christ. This is what we celebrate today. We don't follow Christ. We are Christ. We are God in mankind. We are love incarnate. This is what we know, and this is how we serve, as love is the answer to everything. The ego and that pesky 'I' have been neutralized. Now, onto our first question and topic.

2. "Mother Mary, I received the recommended doses of the Covid vaccine and will continue to do so. I have received many vaccines since birth and have experienced all types of mild and even severe illnesses in my lifetime. I feel like medicine is a good thing.

3. I am aware of a large group of people who have refused to get the Covid vaccine, despite the mandates to do so. They are against mask mandates and some think that Covid is a hoax

4. My question refers to 'A Course in Miracles' which says that medicine only works because we think it works. We believe in it, or at least some of us believe in some of it. Can you shine a light on this vexing problem?"

5. I'm happy to do so. Vaccines are effective in preventing disease in individuals and preventing the spread of contagious disease to everyone who has received them. We do believe in them in the sense that they have been thoroughly tested and approved by experts in the field. Life here would be very different without all the advances in medical science.

6. We only advocate following your heart, combined with your brain strategically (The Art of Thought). Everyone must make their own decisions in the world. The question is always why did an individual make that decision? Was it a heartfelt decision or was it an angry decision?

7. Both groups look at the same thing in entirely different ways. One group can't line up fast enough for a shot that will take a potentially life-threatening disease off the menu. The other group has attached stories to the vaccine itself. These include not trusting the science, believing that it will alter someone's DNA, believing that it is a way to be controlled. Some even think that surveillance tools are being injected to monitor their every move.

8. Where have we heard this before? Aren't these stories about 'the evil other'? I will shout this from the rooftop. Please make your decisions after the stories have been stripped away. These stories have taken on a life of their own.

9. If you really believe that you can't possibly get sick and will not need any type of medical help (vaccinations, medications), then make that decision from your heart, not from stories about not trusting science and government mandates that were put in place to help stop the spread. There are limited resources to deal with sick patients in the I.C.U.'s, after all.

10. Christ is free in a myriad of ways. One of these is freedom from negative stories that have attached themselves to something as miraculous as a vaccine.

11. I'm looking forward to Sunday.
Until then, Mother Mary

End Time: 4:49 am


The Flowering of Christ 13

Sunday, March 20, 2022 2:49 am

1. Blessed day, indeed. Here we are on a Sunday. I cherish our time together. It is a sacred example of union, where the seen and the unseen merge as one.

2. Today's first question is a doozy. It is an example of how the human mind can be swept away by mystery, intrigue, and feeling special enough to receive insider information by a secretive and clandestine government insider.

3. "Mother Mary, many believe in something called QAnon, which says that it alone is telling the truth about things in the world that only followers know about. They believe that God will combat these things by having his appointed political actors elected and then things on the earth will be restored to how they should be. Is there any truth in this?"

4. You won't find God in political theater, as I have said recently. There is no unconditional love there. Authoritarian leaders are being promoted as saviors against the evil other and the evil other is the other political party or everyone who does not support conservative agendas. It is this simple. It is known as a system of conspiracies where the evil ones are secretly doing things that only QAnon can bring to light. Two of these are that the 2020 U.S. presidential election was rigged or stolen from the QAnon preferred candidate and the second is that human babies are being eaten by cannibalistic and QAnon hated celebrities and politicians. Don't be fooled. Give love to those who spread falsehoods about others. Lying comes from a place of weakness, a place of fear.

5. The second question today is whether Christ is a liberal or a conservative. Christ doesn't want to be put in a box and labeled because Christ defies all labels. Christ may follow his or her heart and be considered liberal in one case or conservative in another or in-between in another. Christ doesn't feel the need to conform to all definitions. Christ is free. This will be a good item for contemplation and/or discussion in group form.

6. We have time for another question today, don't we, Rick? This one is heartbreaking.

7. "Mother Mary, I don't always feel loving and happy go lucky in the world as it is today. Am I doing something wrong?"

8. No, dear ones, you aren't doing anything wrong. You are being real and you are being authentic. From the limited information out there about my life, do you think I was jumping around and bouncing off the walls joyfully all the time? I will leave you with this thought.

9. Keep your questions coming through union, through prayer. I should have done something like this long ago. It is truly enjoyable.

10. Until next week,
With great love and admiration,
Mother Mary

End Time: 3:29 am

Image: Christina Strutt
Duad of Flowering Hibiscus, 20 Jan 2022

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