Arrival Installment 14

Saturday 22 January 2022

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Living in the Material World 46

Saturday, January 22, 2022 1:05 am

1. Part 1 of 3

2. Rami here. I Am present and at your service. Let's continue our thought-provoking exploration, shall we? Christ does not suffer from an overabundance of reactive thought, at least not often, not all the time. Christ can use the shared Christ Mind creatively, hence the 'Art of Thought', which in my evaluation, is one of my brother Jesus' greatest teachings. It can be explored further in 'A Course of Love', an overlooked gem of a masterwork. If you haven't done so, dip your toes in that water. It will enhance your practice of being a love being, in service to love.

3. Now, let's get on with it. Being Christ is the highest calling. It is the ultimate achievement as a human, an achievement in allowing. Christ is very patient, but let's face it, it seeks world domination. It wants to be your next-door neighbor and the man down the street. It's already you, my friends, but until Christ is everyone, our collective work remains unfinished.

4. In the twenty-first century, Christ is very much like a visitor to a foreign planet. The ways of the earthlings are often not the ways of Christ, so it can be sticky to navigate sometimes. Let's talk about what we see in your lives, as the collective Christ body in 2022.

End Time: 1:27 am


Living in the Material World 47

Saturday, January 22, 2022 6:35 am

1. Part 2 of 3

2. One of the givens in each of your lives is that the human world isn't set up to support you as Christ. It didn't support Jesus or Mother Mary as Christ either, so this isn't anything new. It was built and designed to support ego and its byproducts, namely competition within and between separateness. It was always the intention in the original design to move the ego towards love so that Christ can grow and take over, but that has been exceedingly difficult to do. The world's ways, therefore, are not our ways.

3. So, here each of you is, in a place you are familiar with, because you may have been here for a very long time. Yet, the familiar doesn't seem like a perfectly fitting pair of jeans. It's ill-fitting, uncomfortable, and too expensive, but this is what we have asked each of you to do, which is to serve love in a strange land.

4. You are either consciously or unconsciously serving love to those who may not know what it is. You understand this situation though because it wasn't that long ago that you were in their shoes as they walk through the mud that is the world, trying to make sense of it all.

5. While the world cannot truly be your friend, Christ supports other Christs. Christ is also supported by the unseen. This is how we strengthen our miracle-making capacities.

6. Tomorrow, we will use the Art of Thought to envision what life on earth will be like when the earth does support Christ, and Christ, in turn, does support the earth (Gaia).

7. Until then,

End Time: 6:57 am


Living in the Material World 48

Sunday, January 23, 2022 6:00 am

1. Part 3 of 3

2. For a place where many worship the Christ Child, if there actually were one, no one would know what to do with him or her, meaning no one would know how to support Christ. Earthlings don't have a good track record with this, after all. Somehow, they thought Christ needed to be "worshipped and adored". "Loved and allowed" would be more like it.

3. Starting in infancy, Christ needs to have proper identification reinforced by others who have the same identification. Christ is God in form. Christ will thrive in a loving, nurturing environment from the get-go. All the parental/societal rules and expectations will go out the window. Christ follows his or her own heart and gets constant inspiration from the shared Christ mind. Other Christs know and understand this.

4. When the infant Christ grows into adolescence, his or her parents will continue to support Christ's exploration of the world and ways to serve it. There won't be any fear. No 'Missing Person' report, no search party, no frantic search with cadaver dogs. There will only be trust in the power of love. This teenage Christ will support other Christs too, in unity and relationship. All of Christ knows this process deeply.

5. The transition to adulthood will be a smooth one because Christ has been functionally allowed to use his or her powers since the beginning of a life in form.

6. Here are some truths to deeply contemplate and discuss with others in the Christ community.

  1. Christ does not accumulate trauma.
  2. Because of this, it's highly unlikely that Christ would develop a drug or alcohol dependency.
  3. Christ may or may not exercise or eat nutritious food every day, but Christ is happy being in his or her own body.

7. What can you envision life will be like for both Christ and Gaia when Christ is finally recognized as being all there truly is?

End Time: 6:26 am

Living in the Material World — Epilogue

Sunday, January 23, 2022 6:30 am

1. Rami here. My work with you is complete. We have discussed some very 'deep' as they say, subject matter, concerning living in the world today. It has been carefully curated for those who seek to revisit it. If Christ loves more today than yesterday our project of modeling Christ's energy and using its ten distinct powers to create miracles will be a smashing success (eventually).

2. What's next? Christ is all about support, so we cannot fail to support each of you. There will always be something new over the horizon, something that will arrive here and now in perfect timing.

3. We enjoy these weekly addresses to the larger group, so you can continue to expect them. I Am passing the Christ collective off to a dear friend and colleague to so many of you: Mother Mary. She will speak to you weekly starting on Sunday, January 30th, 2022, through this same channel. Her series will be titled, "The Flowering of Christ".

4. May peace be with each of you.
In love and service,

End Time: 6:44 am

The Ten Powers of Christ
1. The power to alter the course of another aspect of yourself.
2. The power to stop suffering.
3. The power to alleviate need.
4. The power to grant wishes and desires.
5. The power to enhance.
6. The power to change situations and outcomes.
7. The power to know and trust.
8. The power to explore.
9. The power to invest.
10. The power to manifest.

[ Review how to practice the Ten Powers of Christ in Journey Book 11S: A Shock to The System ]

Image: Karyn Powers
Eagle Cloud El Paso TX, 27 Aug 2019

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