Arrival Installment 13

Saturday 15 January 2022

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Living in the Material World 44

Saturday, January 15, 2022 6:54 am

1. Part 1 of 2

2. We have not focused specifically on the word 'healing'. This is because being human automatically implies needing to heal a vast array of physical and emotional trauma. It's part of the human package. We have not separated out being human from needing to be healed. This is what you find in the world's health care systems. They seek healing of the body or healing of the mind, but they don't seek to heal the separation between the human and the divine, because they don't know about it.

3. All symptoms of all diseases are simply products of the separation. We have sought to address the cause rather than the effects. We don't want to pray for healing unless we understand the cause of the problem in the first place. You can say and you would be quite right in saying that all problems of all types, whether it's a disease, or feeling stuck in a situation and experiencing suffering, are symptoms of being human and being limited to ego and the brain's perceptions.

4. As humans evolve away from exclusive humanity to a hybrid model of both human and divine (Christ Awareness and Christ Consciousness), there is less need for the healing of symptoms. Finally, at the Christ manifestation end stage, there is no need for healing per se because there is only wholeness. Everything has already been healed. Once whole, once the heart and mind are merged, then Christ is ready to model wholeness and offer blessings to alleviate suffering on the human journey, through the modality of the ten powers of Christ.

5. Rami

End Time: 7:14 am

The Ten Powers of Christ
1. The power to alter the course of another aspect of yourself.
2. The power to stop suffering.
3. The power to alleviate need.
4. The power to grant wishes and desires.
5. The power to enhance.
6. The power to change situations and outcomes.
7. The power to know and trust.
8. The power to explore.
9. The power to invest.
10. The power to manifest.

[ Review how to practice the Ten Powers of Christ in Journey Book 11S: A Shock to The System ]


Living in the Material World 45

Sunday, January 16, 2022 6:35 am

1. Part 2 of 2

2. Souls enable life to flow through the character. That is when and if the character is willing and able to listen to the soul. The ego's voice is louder, especially with immature soul companions.

3. If Christ walks by someone or projects its energy onto a situation from afar, this is what transpires. It is that the character's soul has an extremely powerful second soul as a backup. Think of a plugged-in charger. The person who is being blessed is receiving a full charge of Christ's energy. How could this do anything other than produce miraculous results?

4. Remember, you will seldom know someone's situations and internal conflicts, but what you do know is that virtually everyone here desperately needs a good dose of Christ's energy to help their souls to strengthen and be less subservient to their egos.

5. Ego blocks and questions every one of life's moves, but souls freely enable. Healing of the separation and all its myriad of symptoms automatically accompanies the strengthening of the soul.

6. All suffering, with 'all' emphasized, is the responsibility of the ego. There is no suffering in Christ. There is only wholeness.

7. Each Christ in 2022 is promoting wholeness through soul growth. This is true and absolute healing. For those of you who aren't sure what you are being encouraged to do, this is it. Either consciously bless or allow the blessings to flow automatically and unconsciously. This power knows where it is needed (everywhere). Christ seeks to enhance, empower, and embolden smaller amounts of itself. The world is its oyster.

8. Rami

End Time: 6:59 am

Image: Karyn Powers
Eagle Cloud El Paso TX, 27 Aug 2019

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