Arrival Special Message 8

Sunday, April 9, 2023


Easter Sunday 2023 Message

Sunday, April 9, 2023 4:15 am

1. My theme today will be resurrection, as that is what the holy day of Easter is all about. It is I, the one known as Jesus to some and Jeshua to others. While it is certainly true that my story demonstrated eternal life beyond the physical plane, the concept of resurrection can be applied daily, if not hourly. Resurrection can mean breaking the shackles that bind you, and letting go of the ideas that have enslaved you, rather than serving you. Be who you were truly meant to be, a free soul, free of duty and allegiance to the mind and all its requirements for membership in this group or that group that is staunchly against other individuals and groups.

2. The soul is against no one. It only promotes love and peace, as within, so without. Christ is God in humanity. It needs to be nurtured and allowed. It needs to be swaddled like a baby and allowed to grow. It needs to be given space to explore and learn about the world, and when it is ready it needs to speak, it needs to be. A soul who has taken on the cloak of Christ will never win a popularity contest. It will never form any unholy alliances against anyone or anything. It will be discarded and maligned. It will be cast out for not having anything of value to say. It will be seen as the fool who will not jump into the fray and demonize others.

3. No, Christ does not and will not have anything to prove to anyone. Christ cannot be evaluated by the mind. It is no one's enemy, as it only loves those who see themselves as its enemy. Christ only loves.

4. This teaching about resurrection and about being the voice of Christ in the world is not about being a superhero to battle the forces of evil. It is about following in my footsteps and being a force for all that is good and whole. It is about serving love in whatever situation you may find yourself in. It isn't about theatrics and the optics of Jesus returning to the earth to solve its myriad problems. It's about serving love now while leaving the world of ideas and judgment in the past where they belong.

5. The resurrection of Christ is in your purview. It is your time to shine and teach only love. You won't be appreciated by many, at least not on the surface, but their souls will sing your song as they will know that you only speak the truth.

6. Being Christ will always be the path of the most resistance. Even my words today will be judged. Some will say that it can't really be me. I can't sound this way. I can't say this or that. These evaluations are not love, as love cannot be evaluated. They are brain-based thoughts and nothing more.

7. While my words may not be wrapped in the correct type of shiny wrapping paper, they are my words and are the words of the elder statesman of being Christ. For those of you who understand, the line of succession has passed the crown of Christ to you. It is your turn now. Be and serve love, without regard to what may be said about you for doing so.

8. You are not of this world, but are in it for one reason only, to love unconditionally. Resurrect and live eternal truth.

9. In the power of Christ,

End Time: 4:55 am

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Lion and Lamb Clouds

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