Arrival Special Message 7

Sunday, January 1, 2023


Arrival: Special Address

Sunday, January 1, 2023 5:10 am

1. May I be the very first from this side of the veil to wish each of you reading this now, a very happy and wonderful new year filled with blessings for everyone to share in. I am the one known as Jesus, to some, and Jeshua to others. Continuing from my Christmas Day address, let's make 'more love please' our joint resolution moving forward. Let's have more love and less blame, more understanding and less shame. Let's sprinkle unconditional love everywhere we go. Start with yourself. Let yesterday's shortcomings stay in yesterday. Don't belittle yourself. Accept yourself as you are and extend that acceptance to all. Be love and spread it around. It is so desperately needed here in this world. Only you can love in your own uniquely perfect way. Open your heart and give more love, please. If not today, then when? With all of us working together as one, we can make love a priority in a world where it never consistently has been.

2. Have a blessed 2023 giving blessings to yourself and others wherever you go.

3. Love only,

End Time: 5:28 am

Image: JeffJacobs1990
Lion and Lamb Clouds

Image: Christina Strutt
Sunrise, Westford MA, 1 Jan 2023