Arrival Special Message 6

Sunday, December 25, 2022


Arrival: Special Address

Sunday, December 25, 2022 1:30 am

1. Greetings on this very special day out of the entire year. It is I, the one known as Jesus Christ, the son of God. I greet each of you as an example, but only one example. I Am not a son of God any longer, but am an eternal sunray of God, without specific attributes, but with only the power of love, God's mighty love, that fuels my being.

2. Today, we celebrate Christ in all, the energy of God in all of mankind, in all the vast array of forms. Christ has many stories, not just one. The Christ story never ended. It begins again and again and again. The plot lines and locations differ. The names of the actors differ, but the story of Christ is the same and is quite simplistic in even the most complex storylines. Christ chooses love. The God within always chooses love because it loves itself. God loves all aspects of God and doesn't get tricked by any appearance that says otherwise.

3. Just as I Am not a son of God, but instead, am a sunray of the mighty God, Christmas is not about giving presents and is about giving presence. Spelling and word meaning make all the difference here. The true meaning of Christmas is to honor the birth of Christ in all. This can be done today, across the vast worldscape, and it can be done each and every day. Giving the gift of presence in the here and now is a mighty testament that the living God makes to Itself. It doesn't cost anything, but it pays great amounts of interest. Christ can't be found in the aisles of a store. It can't be wrapped up and mailed. It is found in a simple smile, a simple willingness to acknowledge the truth of any situation; God is here now. What does God want me to do?

4. Christ is not alone in the cold and oftentimes cruel world that doesn't think Christ lives among the many. The world thinks I came to the world and left it long ago. I ask on this Christmas Day 2022 that the world re-thinks this faulty premise. Christ is alive and well. I Am only one sunray of God in a chorus of sunrays. Just as sunrays can't be separated, neither can Christ's individualized expressions. Christ is not just me but is you and me and everyone joined as one.

5. This is the true story of Christmas. It has many stories. It is many lives across time. It takes the form of the great feminine and the mighty masculine and millions of combinations of both. How it expresses is secondary to its content, which is love. Love is in this world even though it seems that the world is loveless. Love only wants one thing, which is more love, please. A loveless worldscape only asks for one thing under the tree, a gift of loving presence. This is God's only agenda: more love, please.

6. I celebrate each of you on this Christmas Day 2022. I will speak again in one week's time on New Year's Day, 2023.

7. In love, we prosper as one.
Love, Jesus

End Time: 2:17 am

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Lion and Lamb Clouds

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Westford MA, 3 Dec 2022