Arrival Installment 72

Sunday 28 January 2024

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From Me to You — The Christ Letters for the Second Coming 1

Saturday, January 20, 2024 6:00 am

1. Dearest Ones in Christ,
Christ is the single beacon of hope in dark times. These will be updated versions of my letters to believers in the true principles of Christ. My focus will be to look at the similarities between my life as a human Christ and each reader's life in this modern day and age. On one hand, there are marked differences. I did not live during a time with electricity or running water. There were no refrigerated trucks to keep food frozen, no medicine, and limited ways to communicate. Yet there were similarities between my life and each of yours. These are what we will focus on during the next two years.

2. The published dates of these letters will be dates of dissemination. These are the last Sunday during the months of January, March, May, July, September, and November during 2024, 2025 and (possibly) beyond. Rick will receive them at various times prior to the six dissemination dates. There will be multiple letters that will be published online on each of the six dates. Expect a total of 25 each year. Each letter will be by members of the first family of Christ. Mother Mary, St. Germain, and I will each pen letters to each Christ living on the earth today. In this way, each dissemination date will be like Christmas Day, filled with gifts that have a sticker that says "From" and "To." These letters are to be shared freely, and we hope to make them very personally valuable to each reader.

3. The first letter is an introduction to this series. The second letter will be dictated at 1:00 pm on this date.

4. In Christ,

End Time: 6:29 am

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Lion and Lamb Clouds

From Me to You — The Christ Letters for the Second Coming 2

Saturday, January 20, 2024 1:00 pm

1. Dearest Ones in Christ,
The theme of my letter to you is redemption. While many things have changed since I walked the earth as Mother Mary, who was both human and Divine, some things have not changed at all. While human nature has not changed much fundamentally, it has changed in the sense that it has adapted to the times. What hasn't changed one iota is my Divine nature, our Divine nature. Because it is eternal, it is timeless. It is time outside of time. It can be accessed through the Holy Instant, a time when we remember the truth of who we really are.

2. I seemed to innately know about the Holy Instant and used it as a way to leave the harshness of the physical world. It itself was harsh as there were few comforts to speak of, but the human world of thoughts and judgements was without a doubt something that I needed to escape from and needed redemption from. In hindsight, it was much easier for me to walk away or to close a door, so I could remember that the human world was not at all a true reflection of my true home.

3. You each have it immeasurably harder because you are surrounded by it, and it is difficult to escape from. It is on your cell phones, computers, and televisions. The ego's perspectives are being broadcast 24 hours a day. Yet the Christ is right here. If it were a snake, it would bite you. It is that close. The perspective of Christ is that it has little interest in the noise of the world and the ego's perspectives. It wants to give you nothing but peace. It will redeem the ego's harshness for the softness of its insight, understanding, and acceptance.

4. I cannot truly say that I understand what it is like for Christ to live in this world at this time because conditions were much different when I was here in form. I can say that being Christ during my time was very difficult because Christ is not supported in the world, not then and not now.

5. I applaud each of you for being redeemed by simply remembering and by applying the truth to what you see and experience.

6. In Christ,
Mother Mary

End Time: 1:27 pm

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Holy Grail

From Me to You — The Christ Letters for the Second Coming 3

Saturday, January 20, 2024 4:00 pm

1. Dearest Ones in Christ,
Are you shaking in your boots and hiding underneath your beds, or are you jumping for joy as you find out that I, St. Germain, will be writing you letters on a regular basis? I bet it's 50-50. Rick says he's happy so that makes it 51-49 and that's a green light for me. I'm easy to please.

2. For my first letter to all of the Christ lights out there, I want to focus on joy. Who said that being Christ has to be all serious all of the time?

3. I will tell you who or what came up with that one and it wasn't me. It certainly and positively wasn't me. It was the ego. It never understood Christ from the get-go or maybe it did and just pretended not to, doing everything it could to cloud the waters. Have you ever thought about that one? I know that some of you suffer from some of my dark humor, so I think the answer is yes. Some of you have more in common with yours truly than you may think!

4. Seriously, I know I said I wouldn't/shouldn't/couldn't be serious, at least not all of the time, but I do take joy seriously and take it from one who knows … Christ does too.

5. Mother Mary spoke of the Holy Instant as a time of redemption. I will add that it is a time of joy. It's when you can see clearly and laugh at all of the nonsense. You can be standing in a pile of you-know-what and joyously laugh at it. I would be more explicit, but I don't want to get an even worse reputation!

6. In Christ,
St. Germain

End Time: 4:23 am

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