Arrival Installment 49

Sunday 25 September 2022

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The Flowering of Christ — Resurrection 10

Sunday, September 25, 2022 6:40 am

1. Hello, Christ Offices. Let's dive in, shall we? The first question is as follows.

2. 'Mother Mary, the world seems to be going in the opposite direction of love, not towards it. Our work doesn't seem to be at the magnitude needed to counter the effects of the resistance to love.'

3. Let's address this question in two parts. The first part is true, at least as true as things get on the earth. The resistance to love is always reflected in the loudest, angriest voices and there is certainly plenty of that. I will add that the often too quiet voices of love are here too. It's just that they typically get drowned out by the ones who shake their fists or beat people with them. The fear of immigrants is driving a wave of fascism in parts of Europe. The President of Russia's invasion of Ukraine and his threat to use nuclear weapons against the west if he feels threatened by them are creating a fear-based reaction.

4. Christ Offices, just observe what is and what will transpire during this time that is looking more and more like the days before WW2. The critical difference is that we are here now. Christ was not manifested in the 1940s but has been in the 2020s. Your offices are open and thriving, after our own bit of turmoil. You each know who you are in truth, and you are a blessing to your own worlds within the world. This is our canvas and I'm sorry it isn't lollipops and roses. Your assignment is to create love in what is a very harsh, hostile environment that does not have a ceiling. Let me repeat that. Fear does not have a ceiling. I want all my Christ Offices to know that they are immune from what the collective is experiencing. Know that unpleasant things are being experienced, but not by you. The Christ Offices will thrive because love is the drug, so to speak. The House of Truth is being created now, under these harsh conditions. I hope this addresses the second part of the question.

5. Mark your calendars, dear ones. We will shift our focus starting next week and instead of addressing questions and current events, we will revisit the ten powers of Christ that were introduced as part of A Journey into the Unknown, year two (2021). We have been asked by those on high to workshop them, so that is precisely what we will do starting next week and going throughout the Fall. It will be 'Must See TV' so don't miss an episode! I know you all too well and I know that you look forward to your time with me, as much as I look forward to my time with you, so missing an episode is out of the question and off the table.

6. Have a good week being and creating blessings and miracles in the world.

7. Love always, Mother Mary

End Time: 7:19 am


Image: Christina Strutt
Stargazer Lily, 8 Jun 2022

Secrets of Christ 11

Sunday, September 25, 2022 7:25 am

1. As presented by Mary Magdalene

2. Christ has the last laugh when those who live in illusion try to remind Christ of their shortcomings and that they aren't as good as the illusionary characters. Christ laughs because the words coming from their mouths are nonsense from babbling toddlers.

End Time: 7:30 am

Image: Christina Strutt
Blue Dragon Fire, 15 Jul 2022

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