Arrival Installment 38

Sunday 10 July 2022

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Reflections of Christ, an Honest Look into Love's Mirror: Week 9

Sunday, July 10, 2022 6:30 am

1. Reflection for serious contemplation, journaling, or discussion:
Can I use my brain artfully and allow it to gather observable facts, without delving into why things unfold as they do?

2. Daily Applications

3. Beginning of the Week Affirmation:
I Am a soul whose only purpose in being here is to support all other souls.

4. Days 1-7
How am I feeling today?
Follow-up Question: What does my soul want to do today?
When I gaze out into the world, what are the observable facts behind what I see and hear?
Returning to my mid-day reflection, can I bless all souls involved in any specific situation, without condemning anyone?

5. Daily Affirmation:
Judgments are a curse. There are far too many of them here and I will not add to them. I Am only here to bless.

6. End of Week Affirmation:
Speculation, blaming, and shaming are in the realm of the ego. The divine soul of God only extends its loving blessings.

End Time: 6:43 am

Image: Christina Strutt
Sand Sea Sky Mendocino CA, 27 Mar 2022

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