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Sunday 6 February 2022

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The Flowering of Christ 2

Sunday, February 6, 2022 4:50 am

1. Good day, my flowers, my treasures. Oh, how I have longed for this precious and sacred time when we can gather and be in Oneness with each other. It is imperative that we carve out this holy space to support love and to create more love.

2. It is I, Mother Mary. I have been most blessed to have heard from so many of you with your heart's sharing about discussion topics for this series. I can assure you that none of these will slip away without giving them the attention they deserve.

3. For this single day in time, I have taken several requests and sort of boiled them down to their essence, their stark and bold truth. With so many topics, love does not always have pat answers. We will need to dig in deeply, with patience, to explore the truth.

4. Because of this formatting, I will speak first, but this doesn't mean that I know the answers to these questions anymore or any better than any of you do. I will just be guiding the discussion. Christ will then lead the way for individual contemplation and small group discussion, with peace in knowing, as the result.

5. Question #1
“Mother Mary, why is there so much pain in the world? Why do such horrible things happen here, even to small children, seniors, the disabled, people who are in the wrong place at the wrong time?”

6. This is a great starting point my dears. Let's remember that you are not in a loving world. While each of you is love and you are busy blessing the world's many occupants, you clearly see the products of darkness, the absence of light. You hear the many calls for love here and yet this honest seeing and hearing, without covering your eyes and ears, can be quite painful in and of itself, my loves. You can each feel the pain of others.

7. You feel the misery and the hopelessness of so many of the world's difficult and heartbreaking situations, but here is something that we must not forget. Don't put a period at the end of that sentence. Yes, there may be great tragedy now but there is always hope. There is always hope for the acceptance of light and love. God gives up on no one. Not one of us is someplace where God cannot reach because we are all part of God.

8. As we extend our power of blessing, let's envelop the involved ones in our light and know that love gets the last word. Try to not take the dark energy with you and let it disturb your own peace. Let's just allow the knowledge of God's love to work its magic, wrapping those who suffer in a blanket of warmth, with new possibilities. However dark the situation is, there is always love waiting.

9. How can love transform the lives of those who are lost in the fog?

10. Question #2
“How can people be so mean to one another? I see such horrifying behavior here.”

11. My loved ones, we must see everything in the world as it is, products of fear and of the ego. Do not be afraid to see. Do not be afraid to call things what they are. Don't sugarcoat them. You have been advised to move away from the good/bad labels of duality. This doesn't mean that we don't acknowledge that something is in fact, bad. It's just that we know that good can come to any bad event or situation. Hope springs eternal. We can and should acknowledge the gravity of the situations we see. It's just as I pointed out earlier, that Christ doesn't put a period there. Christ will transform misery when those involved are ready for this to happen. Love gets the last say. Period. This is where the period goes. It goes after love, not anything that isn't loving yet.

12. What possibilities do you see within the context of a violent situation? The danger is that suffering will last for the rest of someone's physical lifetime. This happens to so many. This is where the miracle of acceptance and forgiveness can transform and allow love to flow freely again.

13. Where are miracles needed in the world? In the new world, miracles will not be needed, but let us not forget that we aren't in the new world yet. We must create it out of a world that is its opposite.

14. I cherish this time we have spent together on this day.

15. Until next week, Mother Mary

End Time: 5:46 am

Image: Christina Strutt
Duad of Flowering Hibiscus, 20 Jan 2022

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